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Bio Screening Services:

A forward thinking health testing lab that makes in-clinic and remote testing easily affordable to patients.

A revolutionary testing service company, born out of the COVID-19 crisis and primarily assisting in the film industry, playing our part in keeping jobs and the economy going.

Bio Screening Services is now fully focused on the new post COVID-19 era by focusing on providing patients with a plethora of options in Healthcare and non-Healthcare testing. We have a proactive attitude and our effort and passion go beyond COVID-19 testing. Our Mission is to make a difference to empower and give ownership to personal health. Supporting the general population, workforce and their communities to be healthy, happy and productive and to play our part in proactive health post COVID.

Through our approach to quality, Bio Screening Services has achieved UKAS stage 2 approval to carry out Covid-19 testing. This recognition in such a short time, is the result of our staff’s hard work and our patient’s trust in our service

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Why Bio Screening Services?

Our laboratory, technology, approach, attitude and customer experience is second to none. We provide testing using government approved equipment to analyse patients’ samples to give you the utmost confidence in our testing results. We also have a team of expert established in the team with decades of industry expertise.

Our Laboratory

We use our own highly efficient laboratory facility in London and use our partners laboratories around the country. Our partner is the number one global health testing in the bio-molecular testing in the UK. They process 10,000s of patients’ samples daily.

We are very thrilled to announce Bio Screening Services have achieved UKAS compliance for stage 1 & 2. As we continue to grow as a company and serve our  customers, we take highest pride in quality and testing services we offer to our patients.

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