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Yannick- BSc CQP MCQI
Head of Quality & Business Development

Yannick Mbuyi

Yannick Mbuyi is a Life-Science Business & Quality Professional.

Industry experience includes pharmaceutical, manufacturing, wet chemistry, medical devices, microbiology and biomolecular. Having worked in Covid-19 labs since the beginning of the pandemic also playing part in helping the Government & the NHS in the delivery of the Leamington Spa Mega Lab.

Previously worked as a Science Consultant for numerous labs around the country with positions to include Director of Quality, Laboratory Manager, Head of Quality and Compliance and Operations Director.

Operations Manager

Dean Prior

From 2004 to 2015 Dean served as an infantry soldier for the British military.

After his term ended, his natural transition from that was into the private security industry as an (SIA) accredited close protection operative, where he progressed into managerial roles within several large security companies. During this time Dean looked after several high net-worth individuals including celebrities, high profile families and company CEO’s while simultaneously managing a prestigious London based venue in 2019.

During the covid-19 pandemic, he took his initiative and completed several courses including his (AET) Teaching qualification, many personal (CPD) awareness courses and then decided to close in on his ambition to move into the medical industry and completed several courses to become a qualified Frec-3 Trauma medic. He soon became an on-set HETV medic working on numerous productions where his professionalism and calmness under pressure along with the knowledge of testing procedures were noticed. While he supported one particular production as a covid-19 testing medic, and he was brought into the  company and has since progressed to Operations Manager. 

Bio Medical Scientist

Sodiq Amusa

Sodiq Amusa is a Biomedical Scientist with extensive clinical experience within the private and public health sector. Having worked within care homes, hospitals and point of care sectors throughout the emergence of Covid-19 he has a strong clinical understanding on the mitigation of outbreaks.

Equipped with experiences from Kings college hospital and Abbott Laboratories he has been able to allow our lab to excel alongside his team.

GMC Registered Doctor

Dr Jessica Uruakpa

Dr Jessica Uruakpa is an energetic, diligent and ambitious Medical Doctor with over ten years experience practicing in the UK.

As a General Practitioner, she can deliver high quality patient care in an empathetic and compassionate manner.

As a Law graduate, she possesses critical reasoning and analytical skills, within both disciplines has gained experience in dealing with complex situations and working under pressure.

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