Care Homes

We are here to look after the Well-Being of your Staff & Residents

Issues Faced:

Every company has a duty towards those who work in the company.  Looking after their Health & Wellbeing is a key part of that.

One of the most important factors when servicing the Care industry is to provide a rapid response to any potential emergency. BSS are unique in that we have our own emergency testing vehicles which allow us to come to you. Whilst we do not provide any treatment, we are able to provide the testing required to confirm a suspected diagnosis.  So any isolation that may be necessary can be actioned at the soonest opportunity.

We have conducted a recent 3 month research period and touching base with hundreds of care homes across the UK.  It has been flagged that Norovirus is the biggest concern along with Covid, Influenza A/B and Strep A.  

With high numbers of Influenza & COVID predicted this winter we are here to help & believe screening is the best form of defence. We understand IPC and work with many partners. We use these partners to locate the best quality assays and devices to service our clients needs. 

The Solution:

It is important to bring awareness to the fact there are very easy & accessible lateral flow tests available. These can be used to detect Norovirus, Influenza A/B, Strep A and of course COVID. 

If a break out were severe, we can also come in with a compact and self contained laboratory to mitigate the issues. Our specialist cleaning partner can also be deployed if necessary. 

Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

We would love to add our expertise to the issue and put concerned relative’s minds at ease and offer them and yourselves a cost effective solution that can be used easily and effectively. This can also be applied to visitors and temporary/permanent staff as results take minutes.

Bio Screening Services are here to look after the Health and Wellbeing of your Staff and Residents.