Keep your set COVID free

Film & TV

Providing rapid testing for crew & cast on Film & TV Productions.

Testing vehicles available which can park at any location and process up to 90 tests per hour per unit.

All Assays / Devices are MHRA & CTDA approved.

Cost Effective Solution

The tests themselves are around 65% of the cost of PCR tests. This is a huge saving factoring the number of tests for cast & crew over the course of many weeks/months of filming.

The need to test SAs in advance is now eliminated as you can screen onto set as they arrive. This means not only a saving on either postal tests, home visits or non-performance fee for SAs to come for a PCR.  It also reduces the effort that goes into coordinating these tests. SAs just need to be called 30mins earlier than needed to be tested.

Similarly any dailies, new starters and crew returning from holidays/days off do not need any testing in advance, just call them to set earlier.

Our Process

See how we work


QR Code Check-in

Confirm you’re ready to begin by scanning a QR code or clicking on a generated link.


Swab taken by our medical professional.

Results In 20 Mins

Await test results via SMS within 20 minutes of the sample being taken.

On Set Medics

Now providing qualified medics for all daily and long term attachments to Film and TV productions.

Medics are Frec-3 / Frec-4 qualified.  Equipped with extensive experience working in many film and tv production environments and plenty of experience dealing with stressful and traumatic medical situations.

On set Medics are equipped to deal with all minor accidents and are also equipped and capable of dealing with major incidents, injuries and illnesses.

Now available to assist with medical cover for main production units, second units, pre-rigs, de-rigs, strikes, stunts, load in, load outs etc, short term, full productions and all events. 


Concierge testing is for clients who require a fast turnaround COVID-19 test in the safety and comfort of their home, work environment or production set. Whether you are an individual client or part of a production crew, we have a solution.

Concierge service provides a quick, safe and convenient way to get a Government-approved COVID-19 PCR test with the minimum of disruption to daily life. The mobile testing team will come to you. Additional testing services are also available which include Rapid Antigen Tests. BSS will work with you to provide bespoke solutions for VIPs/Talent, productions and day shoots.

Concierge service is available 7 days a week. Simply contact the team and they will discuss your requirements to establish a convenient date and time for testing.