Live Events

We have a long history in
Events and Touring

The Directors of Bio Screening Services have a history of over 30yrs between them in the world of touring and live events.

Please get in touch to see how we can help keep your event or tour safe and happy.

Event Medics

We are now providing qualified medics for all events.

All of our Medics are Frec-3 / Frec-4 qualified, with extensive experience working in many film and tv production environments along with plenty of experience dealing with stressful and traumatic medical situations.

Our on site Medics are equipped to deal with all minor accidents and are also equipped and capable of dealing with major incidents, injuries and illnesses.

We are available to assist with medical cover for main production units, second units, pre-rigs, de-rigs, strikes, stunts, load in, load outs etc, short term, full productions and all events. 

We are now providing a service to all TV or Film productions that requires emergency responders with an enhanced level of capabilities to deal with any casualties in a trauma or medical emergency scenario but also coupling this with our Ambulance fleet means you have a medical department with testing, treatment and welfare facilities all packaged in off grid self sufficient purpose built vehicles. 


Concierge testing available for all talent.