Meet the Team

James Findlay
Co-Founder & Director

James Findlay

James has over 20 years experience in Management and Logistics working all over the globe.

James is Co-Director of the company and is the Chief Finance Officer.

Owain Richards
Co-Founder & Director

Owain LP Richards

Owain has spent over two decades in Engineering and Global Operations.

Owain is Co-Director & Chief Operating Officer.

Yannick meet the team
Yannick- BSc CQP MCQI
Head of Quality & Business Development

Yannick Mbuyi

Yannick Mbuyi is a Life-Science Business & Quality Professional.

Operations Manager

Dean Prior

Dean served as an infantry soldier for the British military for 14 years. He is a FREC 4 Medic and an experienced Operations Manager.

About us meet the team Sodiq
Bio Medical Scientist

Sodiq Amusa

Sodiq Amusa is a Scientist with extensive clinical experience within the private and public health sector. 

GMC Registered Doctor

Dr Jessica Uruakpa

Dr Jessica Uruakpa is an energetic, diligent and ambitious Medical Doctor with over ten years experience practicing in the UK.