On Set Medic

On Set Medics

We now providing qualified medics for all daily, and long term attachments to Film and TV productions.

All of our Medics are Frec-3 / Frec-4 qualified, with extensive experience working in many film and tv production environments along with plenty of experience dealing with stressful and traumatic medical situations.

Our on set Medics are equipped to deal with all minor accidents and are also equipped and capable of dealing with major incidents, injuries and illnesses.

We are available to assist with medical cover for main production units, second units, pre-rigs, de-rigs, strikes, stunts, load in, load outs etc, short term, full productions and all events. 

We are now providing a service to all TV or Film productions that requires emergency responders with an enhanced level of capabilities to deal with any casualties in a trauma or medical emergency scenario but also coupling this with our Ambulance fleet means you have a medical department with testing, treatment and welfare facilities all packaged in off grid self sufficient purpose built vehicles. 

First Response Emergency Care: Frec-3
  • Patient Assessments ie. Obs / Temperature Checks / Blood Pressure etc.

  • Blood Glucose Level (BGL) Checking

  • Airway management (Oral and Nasal Pharyngeal)

  • Adult, child and infant (CPR & AED)

  • Return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) procedures (POST CPR / DEFIB)

  • Emergency oxygen (CO2)

  • Traumatic injuries

  • Catastrophic bleeding Treatment

  • Patient in Shock Treatment

  • Brakes / Bleeds / Burns

  • Poisoning and Intoxicating Substances Detection in Patient

  • External and Internal Bleeding

  • Bio Hazard (medical scene clean up)

  • Motorcycle Helmet removal

  • Neck, Spine and Pelvic Immobilisation

  • Environmental Exposure

  • Burns and Scalds Treatment

  • Hot / Cold Weather Injuries

  • Minor Injuries (Sprains, Twists and Strains)

  • Incident reporting / Patient Record Keeping / Patient Consent Recording

  • Minor Medical Emergencies

  • General Medical Advice

  • Patient Welfare / Mental Health Awareness

  • Anaphylaxis

  • Asthma

  • Heart Attack / Stroke / Seizures

First Response Emergency Care: Frec-4
  • Initial patient assessment

  • Physiological observations / Assessments

  • Anatomy and physiology

  • Heart disease 

  • Electrocardiogram application and monitoring (ECG)

  • Managing a patient’s airway (Oral and Nasal Pharyngeal)

  • Thoracic trauma

  • Sepsis

  • Maternity care

  • Respiratory disorders and infections

  • Mechanisms of injury and kinetics

  • Triage – major incidents 

  • Full body and limb immobilisation

  • Sexual assault

  • Major incidents management

  • Psychosocial development in children

  • Emergency care for sick and injured children

  • Mental health crisis

  • Mental well-being

  • Assisting emergency services