On Set Testing

Keep your set COVID free

We can provide rapid testing for crew & cast on HETV and Film Productions.

We have testing vehicles which can park at any location and process up to 90 tests per hour per unit.

We do not test General Population, we specialise in HETV/Film Production.

All our Assays / Devices are MHRA & CTDA approved.

  • Our Antigen target the N protein because it’s the most abundant. There are very few mutations on the N gene for Omicron.

  • Our Antigen tests are looking for the protein (antigen) coded by the gene – and so are far less susceptible to not picking up mutated strains than PCR or LAMP.

  • Antigen tests are looking for multiple epitopes and so a couple of mutations in the gene coding for the protein are unlikely to have a huge effect. Unlikely but not completely impossible.

To test for Covid 19, we use an immunofluorescence testing system. We believe we can keep your production running as safely, but much more efficiently than using the current PCR or LAMP testing system. This means we can monitor daily levels and pre empt.

As a production you can now save time and budget by having your production, talent and workforce tested with accurate results given within minutes. 200-400+ people a day on long, large scale/budget movie productions.

Cost Effective Solution

The tests themselves are around 65% of the cost of PCR tests, which is a huge saving factoring the number of tests for cast & crew over the course of many weeks/months of filming.

The need to test SAs in advance is now eliminated as you can screen SAs onto set as they arrive. This means not only a saving on either postal tests, home visits or non-performance fee for SAs to come for a PCR, it also reduces the effort that goes into coordinating these tests. SAs just need to be called 30mins earlier than needed to be tested.

Similarly any dailies, new starters and crew returning from holidays/days off do not need any testing in advance, just a call them earlier.

Contact us to learn how we can support your organisation.

Our Process

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QR Code Check-in

Confirm you’re ready to begin by scanning a QR code or clicking on a generated link.


Swab taken by our medical professional.

Results In 20 Mins

Await test results via SMS within 20 minutes of the sample being taken.