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Drugs in the UK workplace

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Drugs in the UK workplace

Drug use is an increasing problem for UK employers especially Transport and Logistics Industries.  Evidence suggests the risks from employees attending work under the influence of both drugs and alcohol have increased in the last 10 years. Drugs have multiple effects on the brain and the body, often lasting for long after the drug is consumed, and this can affect an employee’s performance at work, even if the misuse takes place outside the place of work.  Toxicology testing can be part of the solution.

What businesses drug test?

Drug testing is very common in businesses which are safety critical such as construction, logistics, scaffolding, railways and any business where the use of drugs or alcohol by an employee might have serious health and safety consequences.

Why should employers introduce workplace drug testing?

Employers have a duty to ensure a safe workplace, as far as is reasonably possible, this should include measures to ensure that their employees are not a danger to other employees or the general public, as a consequence of illicit drugs or alcohol while working. This may involve workplace toxicology drug testing employees.

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